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Sweet Potato Casserole

Ok, this turned out to be the most popular dish at out Thanksgiving dinner. I completely made it up as I went along, so I was scared to death. Here’s the quick (non measured, sorry!)


Crockpot Vegan Stuffing

This was the best vegan stuffing I’ve ever tasted. Even the meat eaters loved it and commented that the mushroom gave it a wonderful texture. I adapted this recipe from one I found somewhere on the internet. I wasn’t exact on the spice measurements (meaning I didn’t level off the top of the measuring spoon).


Three Layer Mexican Pie

I thought this turned out rather well. The nacho cheaze was a dead-on ringer for the real thing (at least to someone who hasn’t eaten cheese in a long while.


Tamale Bean Pie

1 medium onion — chopped
1 green bell pepper — chopped…


Mixed-bean Casserole with Sausage

This comes from the McDougall newsletter. I made this in the crockpot last Friday, and we are STILL eating it! It makes an enormous amount. The taste is similar to baked beans–we’ve been calling it “Sweet Beans.” It’s good, but it’s more like a side dish, so don’t make it unless you are feeding a crowd, are planning to freeze some, or can figure out a way to halve the recipe.


Mexican Black Bean and Quinoa Lasagna with Ancho Chili Sauce

To the ancient Incas, the ivory-colored beads of quinoa (pronounced KEEN-wah) were “the Mother Grain,” a sustainer of life in hard times in the high Andes. Except for a green-peanutlike aftertaste, quinoa is as bland as rice. Unlike rice, however, it packs a lot of protein. Most organic groceries and health food stores stock quinoa and some of the better supermarkets also carry it.



Equal part red chili powder and flour (flour is needed to thicken the sauce). We usually 5 T of chili powder and 5 T of flour.
1 T oregano…


Tamale Pie

2 c water
1 c fine yellow corn meal…


White Bean Casserole

This is a good dish for a buffet because it is so easy to prepare. Presoak the beans overnight or use a quick soak method.


Vegetarian Enchilada Casserole 2

Recipe Adapted from: Best Slow Cooker Cookbook Ever: Versatility and Inspiration for New Generation Machines


Vegetarian Enchilada Casserole

1 can crushed tomatoes in tomato puree — (28-ounce)
1 can chunky salsa — (14 1/2-ounce)…


Black Bean Lasagna

1 15-ounce can black beans — drained, rinsed, and slightly mashed
1 28-ounce can crushed tomatoes — with liquid …



This is a traditional South African recipe, adapted from its meat-based origins. It is not only fabulous, it is utterly simple. Never fails to get raves from guests.


Italian Veggie Casserole

Easy to prepare and filled with nutrition, this is a delicious, healthy alternative to old-fashioned meat loaf. Look for naturally sweetened catsup in your natural foods store. K.A.


Cauliflower Mashed “Potatoes”

1 head cauliflower
1/8 cup soymilk…

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