Plant-Based DYI Basics: Infused Vinegar

June 6, 2013

At first blush, life with next to no refined salt, sugar or oil can seem pretty dreary to most of us. But over the years I’ve found healthier ways to wake up my taste buds. Several months ago I read an Engine 2 blog post from Ami about the joys of splurging on flavored vinegars. […]

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Ashley’s Gluten-Free Buckwheat Pancakes with Date Syrup and Huckleberries

May 21, 2013

These pancakes have a story to be told. It’s a scary one, but it turns out alright. I made a second batch, not quite like the first, but close, so you could get a glimpse of their part in forming the rainbow after the storm. But it was not a dark and stormy night. Instead, […]

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Spring Soupalad

May 17, 2013

Of all the wonderful plant-based doctors we can learn from on the internet and in books, I confess that Dr. Fuhrman’s work is the one I am least familiar with. An incurable bookworm, for some mysterious reason I have yet to even read Eat to Live. However, I do believe that sometimes such lapses are […]

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Picking Cherries, Part 1, and “Dusted” Frozen Cherries

April 12, 2013

The beginning of summer here in my town will be punctuated for me by the ripening of cherries.  Around and often exactly at Summer Solstice, the cherries arrive at the farmer’s market just a couple of blocks from my house: deep dark Bing, rosy Rainier, regal Queen Anne. Around town the old fruit trees once […]

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In Between Black Beans and Quinoa with Mustard Seeds

March 14, 2013

I never was any good at multiple choice tests. I hated committing to one narrow answer over another. Give me an essay anytime, where I can include subtleties, nuances. The same thing goes for cooking. I like to be inclusive, and I have a really hard time making decisions that eliminate. Sometimes when I cook […]

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Vegan Versions: Lemony Pear Dressing with Herbs de Provence

March 2, 2013

Now that it’s early  March, all the pear sauce I made last Fall has been eaten. The fresh pears from my tree are long gone. All that’s left are the pieces of dried bosc pear you see in the photo. They may be last, but they certainly aren’t least. As we yearn for true Spring […]

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Fat Free Vegan Melting Drumstick Dessert

February 10, 2013

It’s February, but I’ve got Summer on the brain. The very first February I was eating low fat vegan, I spent a lot of time contemplating what desserts I could make because I was so thrilled to learn I could make them all fat free. Among my first favorites were Susan’s Skinny Figgy Bars. During one […]

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Power to the Pineapple (and Hawaiian Holy Shadow Cookies)

January 8, 2013

When I was a preteen back in the mid 60s, a slumber party was a sign of popularity and prestige. The first one my mother let me attend was during the summer of my tenth year: Judy Matrangalo, a very popular girl in my class at school who lived around the block from me, was […]

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Interlude: Pears

November 7, 2012

By request, I take a brief pause in drafting other posts I’m planning to share a simple dessert I mentioned and pictured in my last  post: pear sorbet. During the summer I enjoyed introducing a few of my friends on the McDougall board to the joys of banana “ice cream.” Now I love banana ice […]

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