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Poached Pear in Raspberry Sauce

Poached Pear in Raspberry Sauce

I love this simple, yet excellent tasting first course, because it is simple to make, tastes wonderful and has great visual appeal, and can be made in 15 minutes!

4 Bosc pears
1 – 16oz. package of frozen raspberries or fresh in season
enough sugar to sweeten berries
Cinnamon sugar, brown sugar and maple sugar to taste

Peel pears and slice bottom, so pears will stand up straight. Place in microwave dish. Spoon 1 Tablespoon of maple syrup over each pear, sprinkle each pear with cinnamon sugar and brown sugar. Cover dish completely with plastic wrap. Put in microwave on high for 10 or 12 min. or until pears are tender, but not too soft. Meanwhile heat berries and puree in blender, run thru sieve to remove seeds, add enough sugar to sweeten and heat on top of stove. Place poached pear in serving plate and cover with sauce or put sauce in plate and set pear in the center.

Garnish with a few whole berries.

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