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Tangy Stir-Fried Vegetables

Submitted by: Courtney (From Cooking Light)

This one has lots of great vegetables in it…it originally called for honey, but I left it out and it was fine!

1 cup cubed reduced-fat extra-firm tofu (about 4 ounces)
1/4 cup low-sodium soy sauce
1 teaspoon bottled ground fresh ginger (such as Spice World)
4 garlic cloves, sliced
3 serrano chiles, seeded and sliced
1 teaspoon dark sesame oil (optional)
1 1/2 cups vertically sliced yellow onion
1 cup (3 x 1/8-inch) julienne-cut red bell pepper
1 cup (3 x 1/8-inch) julienne-cut yellow bell pepper
1/3 cup (1/8-inch) diagonally cut carrot
6 cups sliced napa (Chinese) cabbage (about 1 small head)
2 cups broccoli florets
1/4 cup chopped green onions

Combine first 5 ingredients in a small bowl; marinate 20 minutes. Heat oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add onion, bell peppers, and carrot; sauté 5 minutes or until crisp-tender, stirring frequently. Add tofu mixture, cabbage, broccoli, and onions; cook for 5 minutes or until broccoli is crisp-tender, stirring occasionally.

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