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Eggplant “Parm”

Recipe by: casey

no parm

1 lb eggplant cut into chunks
1/3 of those little cans of tomato paste (watch out for the ones with added salt!!)
onion powder (to taste..i like a lot!)
garlic powder (to taste.. ditto)
Italian seasonings..( maybe i used a tbsp?? i dunno i just shook out of the shaker till it tasted good)

Just cook the eggplant a bit in a big pan (i love my wok for all veggie cooking…especially doing lb’s of things!) then…add in the tomato paste, and about 1/4 c. water…(may use a little less so add a bit at a time…this is just to get the paste distributed easily) mix that all up the start adding your spices and herbs…

Amazingly tastes just like the breaded stuff but with no cheese no breading…sooo delish and no salt!! i was so proud of myself hehe and i thought the paste added more of a sweet flavor like a real tomato sauce rather than just reg cut up tomatoes

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