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Curried Chickpeas

4 cups cooked chick peas (drained after soaking and boiling in salted water)
2 medium potatoes peeled and cut into 1/2 inch slices…

Creole Blackeyed Peas

This was posted on the VegSource McDougall Board, and it’s absolutely delicious. I’m sure it could also be made in the pressure cooker. (I don’t know the original source.)

Corn, Bean, and Pumpkin Stew

2 cans pinto beans, canned
1 lb tomatoes — fresh or canned, peeled and chopped, juice reserved…

Cholay (Curried Chickpeas)

This is a North Indian recipe I’ve adapted. It’s usually eaten with fried bread like bhatura or puri. I like to serve it over rice for a very filling meal. You can also try it as a quick snack over toasted bread. This recipe is much quicker to make if you use precooked canned beans, but I like to think that the authentic flavour comes from doing it the hard way!

Chickpeas A’la King

“Use chickpeas, not chicken in this old fashioned entrée. You’re bound to get compliments that will make you crow. Serve it over rice, toasted bread triangles, or split biscuits. – Jo Stepaniak”

Jacob’s Lentil Stew

1 cup lentils
4 cups cold water…

Indian Beans

1 can lentils
1 can kidney beans…

Grilled Bean-Filled Zucchini

Here’s a recipe that’s great for cooking on the barbeque grill, but it can also be done in an oven (20-30 minutes at 350 degrees). It has almost no fat and is appropriate for the McDougall Maximum Weight Loss and Fuhrman Eat to Live Programs.

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