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Vegetable Sushi

Recipe by: Hawkeye

I got this from www.lightliving.com and veganized it. Ingredients are now available in larger supermarkets, Asian stores, specialty stores, and the Internet. This recipe makes 10 rolls.

1 cup short-grain, (glutinous?) Rice
1/8 to 1/4 cup Seasoned Rice Wine Vinegar or “Sushi” Vinegar or Sushi Seasoning Packet (as a last resort)
10 sheets of Nori (seasoned seaweed)
2 Cucumber – seeded, cut into long “match stick” strips
2 large Carrot – cut into long “match stick” strips
2 Scallion or Green Onion – cut into long, fine strips
Wasabe Paste (Japanese Horse Radish) – to taste (optional) Warning: wasabe is extremely hot/spicy!
Pickled Ginger and Soy Sauce – for garnish (optional)
Bamboo Mat, Cloth Napkin, Pastry Cloth or white Construction Paper – for rolling

Cook rice according to directions. In a bowl, add the still warm rice, pour vinegar all over and gently fold until all the rice is coated and the rice has cooled to luke warm. Place a sheet of Nori on your rolling “mat”, at the end closest to you place about a two inch wide by quarter inch high band of the seasoned rice. It helps to wet your hands slightly with water. Press the rice down lightly onto the seaweed. If you wish you may place a little wasabe in a line down the middle of your rice. In the center of this band place your Vegetable strips all the way across. Press them into the rice gently. Roll the sushi up, jelly roll style, tightly, pressing the contents firmly, to get a compact roll that will not fall apart when you cut it. Make sure you roll it all the way to the end firmly so it will seal itself. Remove from rolling “mat” and cut into to pieces.

Serving Suggestions:
You can serve this with pickled ginger and/or soy sauce for dipping. You could also add a egg-substitute omelet in strips for some protein or imitation crab legs, avocado and/or sesame seeds for a “California” roll.

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