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Slow Cooker Maple Pear Walnut Cake Oatmeal

Another slow cooker recipe from Healthy Slow Cooking , an all vegan slow cooker site with more oatmeal recipes. Please join us on Facebook for more recipes.

Slow Cooker Maple Pear Walnut Cake Oatmeal

soy-free and gluten-free
2 to 3 servings

**This recipe uses a smaller slow cooker 1 1/2 to 2 quarts

  • 1/4 cup (30g) walnuts, chopped
  • fresh grated nutmeg
  • drizzle of maple syrup (optional)

The night before: Spray your crock with some oil to help with clean up later. Add all the ingredients except the sweetener and toppings. Cook on low over night (7 to 9 hours).

In the morning: Stir your oatmeal well and add sweetener. It may seem watery at the top but if stirred it should be a more uniform consistency. Top with walnuts and a sprinkle of fresh grated nutmeg.

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