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Easy and Healthy Carrot Dogs

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This may sound like one of my weirdest recipes, but trust me, it really works. I read about someone eating a carrot dog on a vacation and they raved about it. I was fairly skeptical, but I love the idea of having carrots in place of a processed veggie dog.

Easy and Healthy Carrot Dogs
soy-free gluten-free
serves 4 but can be easily doubled or even tripled.

Fill a pot about half-way full of water, heat it on high until it boils. Turn down to medium heat and add the carrots. Cook until you can just pierce it through with a fork. You want it to still have a snap when you eat it. Run cold water over them to stop them from cooking more.

Combine the other ingredients to make the marinade. Use a container that has a tight lid so you can easily shake it without spraying it all over your kitchen. Marinate at least 3  hours.

Put the carrots in the container and marinade for a few hours to up to a few days. If you marinate them longer they take on more of the vinegar flavor.

To serve heat the carrots in a 350 degree oven or on in a grill pan on a hot grill until heated through. It should take about 10 to 15 minutes.

Serve in a toasted hot dog bun with your favorite toppings. They’re great the southern way  topped with chili and cole slaw! Prep these on a weekend and you’re ready for a quick weeknight treat.

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