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Marinated Cheezy Spinach Stuffed Mushrooms

Recipe by Jarafel.

Well, it was my first time to make stuffed mushrooms with this recipe and it tasted soooooooooooo goood!!!! 😛

I have looked at stuffed mushroom recipes for a while and never tried any of them because I always felt intimidated some how. stuffing little mushrooms one by one is one thing but just baking mushroom cups plain never seemed appealing. So one day i saw recipe for vegan cheesy spinach stuffed mushrooms. I didn’t try this recipe but I used it as a base for creating my own version. Now funnily enough my recipe might seem a little intimidating, it has few steps to go through, but actually it is very easy to do once you have prepared accordingly.

1. First you need to marinate your mushrooms over night and for that you need:

1. about 30 crimini mushrooms

2. 2 times 1/5 cup of apple cider vinegar

3. 2 times 1/5 cup of bragg’s liquid aminos or tamari or soysauce

4. 2 large cloves of garlic

5. equal amount of ginger to the garlic

6. water to cover mushrooms

7. 2 large jars (I used my leftover pickle and sauerkraut jars)

So wash your mushrooms well, so they are nice and clean. Take your 2 jars and into them add equal amount of cut garlic and ginger. Then add 1/5 cup of apple cider vinegar and Bragg’s to both jars, then add about 15 mushrooms to both jars and then cover them with water. Close a lid and put them in the fridge over night or for even stronger flavor you can marinate them for 2 days but them you have to be more careful with removing the stems later on. Good thing about this marinade is you can reuse it for about 3 times

2. Next you will need to bake one sweet potato until tender (about 35 minutes) in the oven at 375 F.  You can also do it night before or once you are ready to do your recipe.

3. Next you will  make a cheesy tofu sauce yum yum

for that you will need:

1. 1 package or firm tofu

2. 5 tbs. of nutritional yeast

3. 2 tbs. of onion powder

4. 2 tbs. of Morton and Basset Italian mix (the best one!!!)

5.  3 gloves of garlic

6. 1/2 tsp. of salt

6. 1/4 tsp. of kala namak salt

7. 1/2 tsp. of smoked paprika

Blend all the ingredients in the blender or food processor until smooth.

4. Now you take your mushrooms out of the jars and carefully take off the stems. Put mushroom cups on baking paper covered baking dish and bake for 10 minutes on 375 F.

5. For filling you need:

1. 1/4 onion cut small

2. 3 gloves of garlic cut small

3. 2 cups of spinach cut small

4. 1/2 sweet potato baked and mashed

5. 1/4 tsp of ground cumin powder

6. mushrooms stems cut small

7. about 1/2 of the cheese sauce

While your mushroom cups are baking you will prepare your filling. Heat the pan on the medium heat and add cut onion. Roast until starting to become translucent. Add garlic and cook about 1 more minute. Add mushroom stems then spinach. Cook until spinach is soft. Then add mashed sweet potato and cumin and cheese sauce, mix well and set aside.

6. Take your baked mushroom cups and empty from water. Fill each one of them with little bit of filling and then bake for another 10-15 minutes, so you can see that fillings have started to brown. Take out and let cool for a little while before serving. Enjoy!!!

ps! you can make recipe without sweet potato and cumin, that’s how i did it first time and that’s what you see on the picture, but I find it a lot tastier with sweet potato and cumin added.  Maybe I am just a sweet potato lover. Good luck and let me know how you liked it 😉

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