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Detox Smoothie

The only thing that makes this recipe not Eat to Live “compliant” is that it uses 2T ground flaxseeds instead of one.  I find my chronic pain does much better when I have a full FOUR T ground flaxseeds.  Feel free to change the amount of flaxseeds to match your body’s specific needs.  This makes two 3.5-cup smoothies and provides half the fruit and all the raw veggies you need on the Eat to Live plan.  Drink up! –tortugita718


1 medium carrot
8 stalks celery (total of celery and carrot should come to about a pound)
1 apple, quartered and seeded
1 cup blueberries
2T ground flaxseeds
Optional but wonderful: sprinkling of dried mint and/or ginger; lemon juice to taste


Cut veggies in half lengthwise and separate into two portions.  You may need to chop them more, depending on your blender (I have a BlendTec, similar to a VitaMix, so no need to go beyond halving).

Put one portion of veggies in the blender with 1T flaxseeds, 1.5 c water, optional ingredients, and the apple.  Blend on high until pureed.

Repeat with 2nd portion and blueberries.

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