February 2013

The Envelope Please

February 26, 2013

Anyone who’s ever sent out a poem or a short story to a literary magazine or contest in the snail mail knows the drill about including the required self addressed stamped envelope, known by the acronym SASE. Before the dawn of e-mail, these babies were the only way a writer found out whether or not […]

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Tasty Colorful Kitchari Skillet Meal

February 21, 2013

This (very nearly)  fat free (and gluten and soy free) vegan meal started out by piecing leftovers together. I never would have thought to blog about it, except for the fact that I shared it with my dear friend Clark in the middle of a hectic day of moving, not sure he would like a […]

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The Proof is in the Pinkie

February 16, 2013

  When I was in graduate school, a lovely couple who had hosted me when I first moved down to begin the program threw a Halloween party unique to our word smitten crowd. We were to come dressed as our favorite cliché. There was someone wrapped in sheets who was “three sheets to the wind”—quite […]

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Fat Free Vegan Melting Drumstick Dessert

February 10, 2013

It’s February, but I’ve got Summer on the brain. The very first February I was eating low fat vegan, I spent a lot of time contemplating what desserts I could make because I was so thrilled to learn I could make them all fat free. Among my first favorites were Susan’s Skinny Figgy Bars. During one […]

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Return to Elk Creek

February 3, 2013

Today I’d like to share with you the occasion of the “About Me” photo on my blog, which was taken last Summer. It is one of the most significant and joyous “little victories over MS” I have experienced since I began eating this way. Telling this story is part of celebrating my five year anniversary […]

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