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Welcome to my Slow Miracle Art Store page! I’ve created an assorted 5 pack of art quality greeting cards from the illustrations my readers have enjoyed in my blog posts, and added a couple of seasonal paintings as well. I hope you like the cards. You can write your own messages inside, and spread the Slow Miracle sense of wonder with those you love.

I Love You Cards

Slow Miracle I Love You cards-Click to view larger

These cards are perfect for Valentine’s Day, or any other day you want to say “I love you” to someone special in your life. Includes:

“Pomegranate Heart” card:

I Love You Pomegranate Heart card

Mixed Media drawing by Maria Theresa Maggi. Goes with the post “Be My Valentine?

“Scenes from a Valentine’s Day” card:

I Love You Romeo card

Mixed Media Drawing and original poem by Maria Theresa Maggi. Goes with the blog post “Be My Valentine?” and any other post in which I mention my poetry chapbook If A Sparrow or Romeo. Here’s the complete text of the sonnet, “Scenes from a Valentine’s Day” by Maria Theresa Maggi, which appears on the front of the card:

Scenes from a Valentine’s Day

Romeo, my four-legged Valentine,
focuses on a clump of  dead leaves
with the olfactory equivalent
of a microscope, while over us
the sky has opened to sun, then turned gray,
and now a few flakes of snow flutter
in the air that shifts its color with the clouds.
We’re on the edge of campus; a young man
in black sweats crosses our path, his arms full
of red roses wrapped in red paper.
The snow falls but doesn’t stick yet;
the sky is  that color of milk hinting
a storm might come, its wide mouth agape,
as if opening to a deep kiss.

“Yours for the Picking” card:

I Love You Yours for the Picking card

Mixed Media Drawing by Maria Theresa Maggi. Goes with the blog post “Be My Valentine?”

“Pomegranate” card:

I Love You Pomegranate card

Chalk Pastel Drawing by Maria Theresa Maggi. Goes the blog posts, “Pomegranate: To Spank or Not to Spank” and “Be My  Valentine?”

Pack of 4 I Love You cards includes one of each. $16 | $5.50 shipping and handling (domestic) for 1 pack, $7.00 for 2 packs, $14.00 for 3 or more packs. International shipping is $14.00 for 1-2 packs.


Slow Miracle Cards


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4 printed 5 x 7 greeting cards of original watercolors and mixed media drawings by Maria Theresa Maggi. Blank on the inside so you can write your own message. Some are illustrations that go with blog posts, others are new seasonal paintings. Printed on high quality card stock by Archer’s Printing in Moscow, Idaho. Each card comes with a matching envelope. Set is packaged in water resistant envelope and mailed in a stiff mailer or small box.

Choose from:

“Listening to the Earth”
Goes with blog post “Listening to the Earth” and is original illustration for the banner on Plant-Based Slow Motion Miracle blog.

Goes with blog post “In the Temple of my Daily Life.”

“Palouse Rainbow”
Goes with blog post “Somewhere Over the Rainbow

“Stove Glow 2”
A new seasonal painting suitable as a holiday card

“Moon, Tree Branch”
A new seasonal painting. Goes with blog post “The Slow Miracle of My Yoga Practice: Half-Moon Reflecting”

All back in Stock. Many more card designs available from illustrations on the blog. Contact me for details to customize your order!

Assorted Pack of Four $16 | $5.50 shipping and handling (domestic) for 1 pack, $7.00 for 2 packs, $14.00 for 3 or more packs. International shipping is $14.00 for 1-2 packs.



Poetry Chapbook “If A Sparrow”

If A Sparrow by Maria Theresa Maggi

Winner of Second Honorable Mention in the 2012 Open Poetry Chapbook Competition at Finishing Line Press. 25 sonnets with a Winter to Spring feel. Original watercolor on the cover is also by Maria Theresa Maggi.

“If A Sparrow” $10.00 | shipping and handling same as the cards.

Slow Miracle Fine Art Print

Sorry, this item is currently unavailable.

Listening to the Earth

5 x 7 fine art quality framable prints of Slow Miracle Card Art. The “Add to Cart” button will place “Listening to the Earth” in your order by default. If you want “Ballerina,” “Moon, Tree Branch,” “Palouse Rainbow,” or Stove Glow 2″ as a print, specify which one(s) you want in the “Instructions from Buyer.” If you want more than one, choose your quantity and specify which ones in the same “Instructions from buyer” section as you check out. I’ll e-mail you and confirm your choices. All prints mailed in stiff mailer.

“Listening to the Earth” Print $16.00 | Domestic and International shipping same as cards above.

Sorry this item is currently unavailable.