March 2013

Millet: Gluten Free Fat Free Comfort Food

March 27, 2013

Sometimes no matter how careful we think we’re being to steer clear of trouble, life is rough on us. Sometimes we need a nice warm bowl of something comforting and easy on the tummy. A bowl of something that is like putting on a soft flannel shirt, or cuddling up under a quilt. For me, […]

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Lucy and Ethel at the Candy Factory

March 21, 2013

The neurologist who diagnosed me with MS told me when I was describing some of the things that happened to me during a day of teaching that in a high stimulation environment, the nervous system affected by MS will function less effectively. But when the stimulation decreases, then the nervous system will be able to […]

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In Between Black Beans and Quinoa with Mustard Seeds

March 14, 2013

I never was any good at multiple choice tests. I hated committing to one narrow answer over another. Give me an essay anytime, where I can include subtleties, nuances. The same thing goes for cooking. I like to be inclusive, and I have a really hard time making decisions that eliminate. Sometimes when I cook […]

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Nap Time

March 8, 2013

I got to giggling today. Remember those kids in your kindergarten or preschool class, the ones who wouldn’t stay still during “quiet time” or “nap” and instead scooted around the floor on their blankets, hoping to engage other would-be nappers in wiggling or whispering? Like Tommy Smith, aka “Tommy Salami,” in my long ago kindergarten […]

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Vegan Versions: Lemony Pear Dressing with Herbs de Provence

March 2, 2013

Now that it’s early  March, all the pear sauce I made last Fall has been eaten. The fresh pears from my tree are long gone. All that’s left are the pieces of dried bosc pear you see in the photo. They may be last, but they certainly aren’t least. As we yearn for true Spring […]

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