September 2013

Listening to the Earth

September 26, 2013

Welcome to my blog’s new “look.” After I included my drawing of the little ballerina in my post In the Temple of my Daily Life, Susan suggested to me I look through my drawings and see if there was one that I’d like to use as part of a new look for the header of […]

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Late September Breakfast

September 25, 2013

  A thick chunk of banana, mashed. Some cut up pear, mashed. Buckwheat groats and gluten free oats, cooked together. Cinnamon. More cut up pear. Just thawed frozen blueberries. A splash of almond milk (homemade). A teaspoon of  ground golden flax seeds. A little sun right on the bowl. A silver spoon to eat it […]

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Vegan Versions: Chipotle Barbecued. . . . Mushrooms (and a Surprise)

September 23, 2013

I am not a big fan of barbecue. In fact I wasn’t even sure how to spell it, and had to go check. So what am I doing making a version of a recipe post from Fat Free Vegan Kitchen that starts out with Susan saying, “I love barbecue, but I don’t always take the […]

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A September Past: The Trip of a Lifetime

September 18, 2013

From the Sublime to the Ridiculous and Back Again Sometimes it’s good to look back on how far I’ve come while eating a Plant-Based diet. Sometimes it takes a while before I can look back and find words to describe the progress I’ve made, the things that have happened. Three years ago this month, my son […]

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Shake and Serve Italian Style Potato Salad: A Family Tradition

September 13, 2013

I know Summer’s about to screech to a halt, but up here we’ve had a stint of what my Dad used to call “State Fair weather”—hot, dry and dusty. Many gardens and farmer’s markets are full of nightshades, so I thought it would be a good time to introduce you to this easy potato salad […]

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Will My Real Old Self Please Stand Up?

September 9, 2013

This photo was taken the summer I was 36, just before we moved to Idaho. I needed a shot of myself as a California Poets in the Schools instructor because some of the poems my students had written were going to be in a state anthology. There wasn’t anyone else around to do it, so […]

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Mike’s Easy Vegan Mashed Potatoes

September 6, 2013

My son is a man of many talents. When he’s not making a music video about befriending the grim reaper, or jumping off a cliff into the Clackams River with his new bride,  or figuring out how to install a screen door, or remastering his original music for Marmoset, he makes a mean bowl of […]

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The Hand Me Down of Fibromyalgia

September 3, 2013

A couple of years ago John Robbins and his foundation EarthSave began funding a program called Meals for Health. The first participants were low income patrons of the Sacramento Food Bank who volunteered to try a WFBP diet for 2 months.  There was training and support given for how to do this throughout the program, […]

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