January 2014

Reframing. . .and Vegan Epiphany Pie

January 31, 2014

  At the beginning of January, I went over to the Co-op, and after admiring them all, counted the number of paintings artist Susan Segoda had up in her show. There were 20, and they were all rather large. So I figured I needed to have  at least 20 pieces of artwork framed and ready to […]

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Pizza Seasoned Roasted Potato Slices (and A Little Bit of Nature Magic)

January 27, 2014

The first time I ever read about someone making a meal of potatoes was in our Co-op newsletter many years ago, long before I became vegan. My friend Gary MacFarlane, director of the amazing organization Friends of the Clearwater, wrote a delightful article about how he and his girlfriend disagreed about the best way to […]

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And The Winner Is. . .

January 26, 2014

Thanks to everyone who left a comment on my last post! I enjoyed reading what you had to say about the spice blend and the cards and even The Princess Bride! It was so hard not to comment, but I didn’t want to gum up the numbers for Random.org. The winner of the 5 pack […]

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As You Wish Spice Blend (and an “I Love You” Give-Away)

January 20, 2014

I know there are lots of ready-made spice blends out there, but sometimes it’s nice to have exactly what I want the way I want it–nothing less, and nothing more. Something to go with my rather plain food that isn’t too spicy and isn’t salty and has no black pepper in it, which I don’t […]

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I Love You Valentine Cards in Slow Miracle Art Store

January 18, 2014

I’m happy to announce that most all of the valentine cards I showed you in the post Be My Valentine? A Slow Miracle Art Update are now available for order in the Slow Miracle Art Store. After a rather agonizing wait for card stock, they have been printed this weekend, and I will be able […]

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Pulling Away While Reaching Out: Another Slow Miracle

January 16, 2014

A Retrospective Reflection People now use the phrase “reaching out” to mean being the one to make first contact in a social exchange. “Pulling away” is sometimes used when a person is describing the need for less social interaction with someone, or with a social phenomenon. But I have different first meanings for these phrases, […]

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Cold Snap Millet and Lentil Stew (Vegan and Soy and Gluten-Free)

January 10, 2014

Spending some time outdoors, even on the most unforgiving coldest days in Winter, is a must for my well being. While I hate it when it rains on the snow, then freezes at night into smooth sheets of black ice, I never fail in my love for the crisp cold air of Winter. Even when […]

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Decadent Kale and Pomegranate Breakfast Salad

January 8, 2014

With all this pomegranate love going on, I thought maybe I better share my decadent update on my morning kale and fruit salad, before the very last of the pomegranates disappear for the year.   I call it decadent because it tastes so darn good–as near to a chewy chocolate bar as I can safely […]

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Be My Valentine? A Slow Miracle Art Update

January 4, 2014

I know it’s a little early to be talking about Valentine’s Day just yet, but my life is budding out and heading for full bloom on that day this year. Following my heart on Valentine’s Day now has a very different meaning for me than the conventional one I knew as a child, and later […]

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Pomegranate: To Spank Or Not To Spank

January 3, 2014

I am the only person I know who had the unusual good luck to grow up with a pomegranate tree right outside my bedroom window. It was a gorgeous thing, with small green leaves and lovely drooping blossoms, which became laden in October and November with large orange-fuschia-ruby colored fruit. It was my Dad’s pride […]

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