These are posts that happen to have one of two of my own poems included in the story or the recipe.

The Poetry of Simple Plant-Based Hor D’Oeurves

July 18, 2013

  Early on in my low fat plant-based eating, I decided to follow a rule that I’ve stuck with ever since. If I can’t eat it, I don’t make it. I no longer make traditional lasagne or brownies or cake and ice cream for other people. They are welcome to bring whatever they’d like, but […]

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Old Fashioned (Gluten-Free) Oats

July 11, 2013

I’m a big fan of Engine 2.  Way back when I first read Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, and before Rip Esselstyn was the poster man for plant strong eating he is today, I was also a fan of  “The Esselstyn Breakfast” in the recipe section of that book. It’s the basic template  for what […]

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In the Garden: Thinning

May 6, 2013

We all love the blossoms of Spring. What we tend to forget about is the long latency period required to produce the blossoms we love so much. Sometimes even leafing out again is a kind of miracle. Like this grapevine. I started it from the top branch of one my neighbor Keith had grown for […]

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The Miracles Keep Coming. . .

April 26, 2013

As some of you already know, Plant-Based Slow Motion Miracle now has its own page on Facebook, thanks to Susan’s patience with walking me through the process of setting it up. If you haven’t already, I hope you’ll go on over and “like” it when you get a chance, and see what’s going on there. […]

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The Envelope Please

February 26, 2013

Anyone who’s ever sent out a poem or a short story to a literary magazine or contest in the snail mail knows the drill about including the required self addressed stamped envelope, known by the acronym SASE. Before the dawn of e-mail, these babies were the only way a writer found out whether or not […]

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Window, Tree, Sky

January 12, 2013

For the last 17 years, I have rarely traveled far from home. One notable exception to that occurred in the summer of 2001 when I flew to Albuquerque for an Integrative Manual Therapy Intensive at the Desert Light Clinic. My friend Fran had generously offered to go with me; she and her husband donated many […]

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The Little Things Make a Big Difference

December 18, 2012

When my son began to skateboard at about age 10, he idolized the makers of a home-grown skate video made in our town.  Luckily these nearly young men were worth idolizing, and took their role of bringing young skaters along quite conscientiously. I still remember the Thanksgiving Travis, Michael’s favorite, handed him down the gift […]

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On Waiting

December 1, 2012

Advent is here, the liturgical season of waiting for rebirth. When I was growing up our family always had an Advent wreath. I remember the green boughs encircling a stainless steel holder for three purple candles, and one pink one, lit the third week, that meant we were “getting close.” I also remember my Dad […]

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