Pumpkin Pie in the Free World

November 18, 2012

(The fat free, gluten free, soy free world, that is.) The first Thanksgiving after my diagnosis of MS, back in 1996, I was well into a gluten free mostly dairy free and low fat way of eating, based on ELISA tests I had taken through a naturopath nine months earlier. As of yet, I had […]

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Life Beyond Chocolate

November 13, 2012

Most people following or learning to follow a healthy vegan or plant-based diet are relieved to discover that a little cocoa powder here and there is allowed, and can add depth and richness to healthy foods.  The recent surge of enthusiastic and joyful comments on Susan’s post, Pumpkin Spiced Hot Chocolate is compelling evidence for this […]

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The Reincarnation of My Jack-o-Lantern

November 10, 2012

“In this room with two navels, Somebody wants to be born again.” –from “Saint Pumpkin” by Nancy Willard           Thank you, Saint Pumpkin, for lighting the way, and being so delicious.   Maria    

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