Fake Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

Recipe by Miriam
They came out quite decadent but unfortunately the process of filling the cups was so damn time consuming, that I gave up at #9 and just licked the rest of the chocolate and filling.

-Organic 100% cocoa powder
-Unsweetened soymilk
-Agave nectar syrup (this is a natural extract from the agave plant and is a wonderful substitution for sugar, the white powder of death)
-Fruit sweetened corn flakes (crush them to the consistency of tiny granules- the corn flakes we buy have the following ingredients: corn, grape juice concentrate, salt)
-Organic 100% peanut butter (nothin’ but peanuts)
– More agave nectar

Mix the first three ingredients until it forms into a chocolately paste that is sweet and spreadable. I don’t have measurements. Just pour some soymilk in a bowl, whisk in enough cocoa powder to form a paste, and then add enough agave nectar to make it sweet. This is your chocolate part, which you will spread on the bottom and top of the
peanut filling.

To make the filling, mix the peanut butter, crushed corn flakes, agave nectar, and maybe some extra soymilk to make the batter smoother and more manageable.

Now if you were going to be really serious about this, you’d spread the chocolate into the bottom of the cups, stick them in the fridge, wait for them to harden, then take them out, fill in the peanut butter stuff, stick ’em in the fridge again. god, it’s tedious just writing about it. Look, it’s vegan and for some reason the concoction isn’t going to “harden” very much unless you freeze it, so just make a big mess and pile all the stuff on top of each other and stick it in the freezer, and then enjoy them one at a time, ’cause if you guessed the measurements right, it will be oh so sweet and decadent.

And if you’re really lazy, screw the little muffin cups completely and just spread a layer of chocolate, followed by a layer of peanut butter stuff, followed by another layer of chocolate into a non-stick baking pan and eat it out the pan with a spoon. (A plastic one, of course-unless you fill the pan with parchment paper).

That’s what I am doing next time.

From the Fatfree Vegan Email List archives

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