Super Cheap and Easy Tomato Soup

Recipe by: Ruthie

The recipe I use for my soup is JUST AS easy as the one you made but doesn’t use any commercial soup and uses less packaging and is thus cheaper and better for the environment 🙂 Try it and tell me if you like it, I adapted it from The Tightwad Gazette.

Empty one can tomato paste (little) into the saucepan. Refill the can 4 times (more or less, depending on how thick you like your soup) with water or nondairy beverage. Add a pinch of vegan sugar (depending on whether or not your liquid was sweet), and desired spices: salt, pepper, celery seed, basil. Serve with whole wheat rolls or grilled vegan cheese or guacamole sandwiches.

From the Fatfree Vegan Email List archives

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