Strix's Brawcamole

Strix’s Brawcamole

I like this when I’m craving guacamole. If you have a hard time with raw broccoli, this may be a good recipe to try. If you are used to raw foods, I think you will enjoy this; however, you can try it with cooked (see notes).

*Important* This entire recipe is done mostly to your taste. I add and subtract every time I make this; so taste as you go, etc. A few flavor enhancers I would recommend you *Not* leave out would be the soy sauce, lime, and cilantro.

In a blender, blend to smooth:

1 lb green zucchini, chopped (remove large seeds*)
1-2 TB Nama Shoyu, (or other good-quality soy sauce)
2 TB Lime juice, freshly squeezed
Salt, to taste, if needed
1 small Garlic Clove
Chunk of onion, @ 1/2 oz (Red, white, sweet)
1/2 tsp. Ground Coriander, to taste
Fresh chiles, jalapeno, habanero, etc., to taste
Optionals/ Spices

Pulse or blend in to desired texture:

1-1 1/2 lbs Broccoli tops, chopped (see notes)

Pulse in:

Fresh Cilantro,** to taste

Pour into a bowl and fold in:

3-5 Green onions,** finely chopped (tops and whites),
1-2 C chopped tomatoes
1 – 2 Avocado, chopped, mashed, or both (see notes)
Additional Garnishes

Green Pepper, such as Anaheim (the kind commonly roasted) or green Bell pepper – pulsed in.
Ground Cumin; Black Pepper; Ground Coriander; Ground Cayenne or Jalapeno; Salt, if needed; additional cilantro or parsely for garnish — all to taste.

Scoop up with a warm corn tortilla, raw crackers, an assortment of raw vegetables, or tortilla chips; fill a pita, sandwich; eat as a side dish; or top a bowl of soup or salad.

*If your zucchini has large seeds or a lot of them, remove them with a spoon; it will reduce a weepy Brawcamole.

**Cilantro and green onions are notorious for a “soapy” flavor; this occurs when chopped ahead of time and added to a recipe; and this is why a lot of people think they hate cilantro! Chop these right before adding; it should be fine that way. Just don’t let it sit around, cut.

*Important* All of the ingredients can be blended to your preference. If you don’t care for the texture — if it’s too crunchy — then blend it well, etc.

Notes: The small amount of avo really makes this recipe and you don’t feel cheated at all; you get the creaminess, texture, mouthfeel and flavor of avocado with very little actually needed (and so little fat!) But, of course, you can always add more avocado ;D  However, if you are used to raw foods and feel like making this fatfree, it is also good; But you get about 5 C of Brawcamole; so one, two, or even more avocado isn’t much fat at all, and very filling and satisfying.

You could use steamed broccoli if you really really really object to raw broccoli 🙂 Just be sure to drain and pat dry, deseed the zucchini; but everyone I’ve served this loves it.  You can also use some of the broccoli stem, *well* trimmed, though; it’s best blended with the zucchini

You may use 1/2-1 oz of creamy nuts or seeds such as cashews or sesame to blend with the zucchini, if you don’t want or don’t have any avocado. Add salt, if needed, but don’t replace the soy sauce! It is so yummy in this. And, by the way, just plain chunked avo sprinkled with Nama Shoyu or other good-quality soy sauce is yummier than it sounds!

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