Yummy Cereal

Submitted by: Freedom

bran flakes
rice flakes
puffed rice
dried fruit medley
shredded coconut (optional)
100 gm slivered almonds (optional – these add fat but it takes me months to eat this amount of cereal so it is only a small amount each day)
All quantities depend on how much cereal you want to make. It lasts for months in a good airtight container.

Place bran and rice flakes and puffed rice in a huge plastic bowl and stir gently with a plastic spoon to minimise breakage. Stir in almonds and dried fruit medley, plus coconut if using. Serve with low fat soymilk for a quick, yummy breakfast.

NOTE: Most rice flakes are made with sugar, which is undesired if it is refined. I found some at my health food shop which are made with apple juice concentrate and they are much thicker and less crunchy but still nice.

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