By Tammy

Here’s one of my basic ones, off the top of my head. The measurements are just estimates and can be changed for your personal tastes once you get used to it.

1/2 c strawberries (frozen)
1/2 c blueberries (frozen)
1 banana
2 tbsp ground flax
1/2-1 c soy milk (Depending on how thick you like it and how good your blender is. The more liquid the easier a blender can blend.)

Throw all together in a blender and blend. Enjoy!

Every time you make smoothies for a while experiment with different fruits until you find a few combinations you really like. It’s really a personal preference thing but fun to experiment!

You can use whatever fruits you like. I like using frozen berries for the convenience. You don’t have to prep them, worry about them being more expensive because they’re not in season or if they’ll go bad before you get around to using them and they’re always available when the mood for a smoothie strikes. Not to mention berries are very good for you. Oh, I also don’t thaw them first, just throw them straight from the freezer. I also sometimes use raspberries and blackberries but you do feel the seeds then (especially with blackberries!)

Bananas & mangos are great for making smoothies sweeter.

I’ve also used fresh peaches, apricots, nectarines (pitting, of course), melon, pineapple, etc. etc. when they’re in season.

Apples & pears (cored but no need to peel) are a good cheap addition but if the smoothie isn’t drunk (or frozen) right away the fiber in them can do strange things to the consistency of the smoothie.

You can use juice instead of soy milk if you like a tangier smoothie. Carrot juice is real good for a milder flavor.

I’ve also recently tried a real simple one. Oranges (Clementines, peeled and seeded), soy milk & ground flax. Reminds me of orange Creamsicles! 🙂

I’m too lazy & busy to make smoothies every day but like to have them every day at work so what I do is make a bunch (10, 5 for me, 5 for hubby) on the weekend and put them in bottles (10) and freeze them immediately. Then each day we just take 2 bottles out and drink them at work as they thaw. This has kept us drinking smoothies more than anything! It’s also the only way I can get my husband to eat any fruit (Unless you count fruit pies!) 😉

Another tip, not really a smoothie but… If you ever have too much watermelon (Seedless. Or any other melon, without the seeds.) and are afraid you won’t use it all in time take a bunch and blend it! It makes a refreshing drink and somehow is easy to eat lots of it this way.

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