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A woman at work gave me this recipe and it is really tasty. The original said to shred some zucchini together with breadcrumbs and seasonings and an egg and roll in flour and fry.

Ok, this is how i fixed it:

Shredded zucchini and mixed it with vegan seasoned dry breadcrumbs. Added some sea salt and pepper and a bit of Italian seasoning. Added some sesame seeds for texture and some flaxseed for nutrition and more texture and just a drop of kelp powder. Bound it all together with some Ener-g egg replacer. Rolled it slightly in whole wheat flour. Pan fried it in a lightly oiled pan and then finished it in the toaster oven to make it a little crisper on the outside.

These were so delicious, moist, nutritious (not to mention inexpensive). My non-vegan (well, not yet anyway … i am working on him) boyfriend loved them.

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