Recipe by: Tacita
Servings: 2

150 grams dry red lentils
1 small to medium eggplant
4 medium red onions (white or blonde are good as well)
2 cloves garlic
1 vegetable cube (no gluttammate or non vegan ingredients, please!)
curry powder, tumaric and salt
two dry hot peppers

Cut one of the onion in slices and put in a pot, cover with water and start cooking. After 5-10 minutes, add the lentils, the vegetable cube and more water to cover everything. Let boil until the lentils are tender, making sure to add water enough to have a runny dhal consistency.

About 5 minutes before the lentils are cooked, add one clove of garlic sliced, one tablespoon of curry and turmeric (or to taste), one crushed hot pepper. And stir well.

While the lentils are cooking, cut the remaining onions in thick slices. Wash the eggplant and cut it lengthwise in 4 equal long pieces. Then slice each piece so that on each one there is some skin.

Put the onions in a pan and cover with water. Start cooking. After about 5-10 minutes, when the onions start to acquire some degree of softness, put on top the eggplant, which will partially steam cook, partially boil. Let cook this mix for a while without mixing. Then stir and put the eggplant on the bottom of the pan until they are totally cooked. Add the crushed hot pepper. Add water as needed, keeping in mind the veggies should be almost dry when they are fully cooked (almost all the water must evaporate). When you still have some water left, add the curry powder, the turmeric and the sliced clove of garlic. Mix well and add salt to taste.

Serve the lentils on a deep dish on the bottom covered by the vegetables.

Remember that chefs would tell you that spices are to be added only at the end, even if it seems against what most cookbooks would suggest. This is because spices are rather fragile and if they cook for long, they will lose most of the aroma.

Calories: 369. Proteins: 24 grams. Carbohydrates: 68 grams. Fat: 1 gram. (according to Spark People calories counter)

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