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8 oz red lentils
1 pepper (pimento) – any colour red and yellow are best
1-2 chilies (depending on type, experiment!)
1 medium onion
1 x 450g tin peeled plum tomatoes
1 x 450g tin red kidney beans drained (or similar quantity soaked and cooked if you prefer, I’m lazy)


NB British Measurements!

Put lentils in a pan with twice their volume boiling water and the kidney beans. Turn heat to medium hot whilst you whiz the remaining ingredients in a food processor (or chop them up if you don’t have a food processor). Add whizzed ingredients and either keep heat high and keep stirring until the lentils are cooked (fastest) or turn heat as low as possible and put a lid on them for 40 minutes or so (best). Best made slightly milder than you normally take chilli and served with lashings of Tabasco.

This chilli is incredibly versatile. It freezes forever, it reheats as many times as you dare, you can have it with baked potatoes, in tortillas, under mashed potato. I’ve never tried but I think it would be great made in a haybox if you have one and a friend mixes it with leftover mashed potato and fries it as chilli burgers. Oh and it doesn’t seem to mind sitting in a box in the car all day when we go car-camping either.

Serves: 4-6 depending on appetite and how much rice you make

Preparation time: minimum 30 mins (better if you can allow 1 hour though)

Recipe from Quorlia

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