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My rice cooker also has a porridge cycle, good for cooking almost any grains or grain blends into a rich, creamy breakfast porridge. I usually just turn it on, go for my walk, and it is ready when I get home. It automatically goes to “keep warm” so everyone can eat as they are ready for breakfast.

Here is my favorite, easiest recipe from “The Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook”:

1 C rolled “old-fashioned” oats
1 C cooked (leftovers!) rice, brown or white
2 Tbs oat bran
2-1/4 C water

Add all ingredients to rice cooker, stir gently to combine, set for the porridge cycle.

When the cycle is complete, spoon into a bowls and top as desired. I do like some rice milk, flax seeds, and a dash of maple syrup, but there are several recipes for a “traditional” Japanese rice porridge which include vegetables. It is really, really good!

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