Recipe by: A. Kirk

cucumbers, sliced thin
red onion, chopped (could also slice cellophane thin rings, if preferred)
apple cider vinegar
olive oil (optional)*
sucanat or Florida Crystals or other organic, unrefined cane sugar
fresh mint leaves, chopped
fresh parsley, chopped
fresh basil (dried ok)
fresh dill (dried ok)

This is a ‘to taste’ recipe where the volume of ingredients does not matter. If you’re making it for two people, you might use one large cucumber. It can also be made in bulk for a huge weekend BBQ crowd. It keeps well in the fridge, developing a stronger flavour every day.

Put cukes and onion in a wide, shallow container and glug in enough vinegar to partially cover them. (Deep, narrow containers are best avoided because more of the cukes will be above the juice.) Add about 1 tablespoon of water per cucumber. *Optional: Add a splash of olive oil (helps prevent them sticking together) and about a tablespoon of sugar to start — you can adjust it later. I usually start with two heaping tablespoons of mint, slightly more parsley, if I am using 4 medium cukes. Try a teaspoon or two of basil and dill (I usually use dried for these, unless I happen to have fresh on hand) as they are not the dominant flavours. Put in fridge to chill for several hours, stirring occasionally to make sure all cukes get marinated. Taste and adjust sugar and other seasonings. Some people like it really sweet or really minty, others don’t. Light and refreshing on a hot summer day, it is malleable to your taste.

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