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This is from one of the John and Mary McDougall cookbooks (Maximum Weight Loss I think). It is not 100% strict for Fuhrman because of the (small amount of) sugar, so feel free to modify or eliminate. I like this as a tasty alternative to lettuce-based salads.

1 cucumber, cut in half lengthwise and sliced
1 bunch scallions (green onions), chopped (both white and green parts)
1 can bamboo shoots [I leave these out as I don’t care for them]
1 can chickpeas (garbanzo beans), drained and rinsed
1 tablespoon white wine vinegar
1 tablespoon brown sugar
Freshly ground black pepper

Combine the vinegar and sugar. Pour over the vegetables, add the black pepper and toss to coat. Refrigerate for at least one hour to blend flavors.

from the Eat-2-Live archives

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