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I recently began making my own pasta sauce using tomato paste because I don’t like the chunks of tomatoes that come in the store bought jars. I’ve never written anything down but have just added ingredients ‘to taste’ as I’ve gone along, here is the general recipe:

1 12oz can tomato paste
12 oz of red wine – (use less depending on your taste, I love red wine!)
12 oz water
1/2 cup sugar (or other sweetener – to taste)
[the sugar cuts down the acidity of the tomato paste – I don’t remember the exact amount I used but just add ‘to taste’ – I like my sauce sweet]

Combine the above in a medium saucepan, then add in:

Basil (to taste)
Oregano (to taste)
Salt/Pepper or Seasoning Salt (to taste)
pinch of Rosemary
and/or any other seasonings you prefer

In a frying pan, I then sauté:
one package tofu crumbles (I use Boca or Morningstar)
and/or any other veggies you prefer such as red or green peppers…

add the above veggies to your pasta sauce and serve over your favorite pasta!!

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