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Most of the recipes on this website are appropriate for Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s Eat to Live program, with the following possible changes:

  • Eliminate salt, if necessary
  • Reduce or eliminate high-sodium ingredients such as soy sauce or miso (or replace with low-sodium varieties)
  • Use low-sodium or salt-free versions of vegetable broth or vegetable bouillon
  • Reduce sugar or substitute date sugar or whole dates
  • Replace peanut butter with raw nut butter
  • Use brown rice or other whole grains instead of white rice
  • Use whole grain bread, without added salt, instead of white bread
  • Use whole wheat pasta instead of white, or eliminate the pasta altogether and substitute a whole grain
  • Find alternatives to broiling or grilling foods at high temperatures for long periods–possibly by pre-steaming vegetables so that grilling time is shortened
  • Recipes that are composed mostly of grains or starches should be eaten as side dishes–remember, the salad is the main dish!

The recipes tagged Eat To Live are appropriate for Eat to Live just as they are written, leaving out any salt.  Many were submitted to the Eat-2-Live YahooGroup.

NOTE: For more information on the Eat to Live program, see the 6-Week Plan page. For more support, sign up for membership to Dr. Fuhrman’s Member Center or join the YahooGroup.  And by all means, read the book!

Dr. Fuhrman

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